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Data Products Visualisation Available

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ESTECA visualisation of the Greenland_Ice_Sheets_cci data products has been made in Google Earth and is available for download. In the visualisation, Surface Elevation Change (SEC) data and Ice Velocity (IV) data are shown as partly transparent overlays. Calving Front Location (CFL) data is show as polygons. The user may navigate and zoom using the relatively familiar Google Earth interface. The Google Earth program must be installed to view the file.

The temporal span of the data is controlled by using the time interval picker in the top left corner. The CFL data for various epochs may be inspected by setting the temporal span. The same may be done for the 5-year running means in SEC. For IV, the PALSAR partial coverage and the Jakobshavn and Upernavik focus areas comprise multiple snapshots in time.  

The color scale information is given as screen overlays. IV color scales are in the bottom left screen corner, while SEC color scales are in the bottom right corner. 

Individual data products, individual elements of time series data, and the color scale information may be enabled and disabled in the Places tree (normally on the left).