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Mass Flow rate Ice Discharge

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The mass flow rate and ice discharge (MFID) product generated in the Greenland Ice Sheet CCI are derived from the CCI ice velocity (IV) product, the CCI surface elevation change (SEC) product (where it overlaps with the gates), and ice thickness from BedMachine (v3). Ice discharge gates are placed 10 km upstream from all marine terminating glacier termini that have baseline velocities of more than 150 m/yr. Results are summed by Zwally et al. (2012) sectors. Full details of the methods are provided in the ) the Algorithm Theorotical Basis Document (ATBD) or in Mankoff et al. (2019).

The following figure shows the sectors and gate locations within each sector.

MFID is provided as a time series CSV file where each column represents one sector from with units in Gt/yr. Additional files provide error estimates and coverage (a measure of gap-filling).


Click here to browse and download Mass-Flow rate Ice Discharge products.

The product is generated by GEUS.