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New released Greenland_Ice_Sheet_cci data products on SEC and IV

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The Greenland_Ice_Sheet_cci project has released new Greenland-wide ice velocity data (2014-15, from the ESA Sentinel-1 mission), as well as new composite elevation change data from the period 1992-2014 from the ESA ERS-1,-2, Envisat and Cryosat-2 missions. The new data are an addition to existing Greenland CCI data on coastal and basin velocity (1995-2011), as well as calving front locations (1992-2011) and grounding lines (1995-96) for a number of Greenland glaciers.

The data sets are provided as part of the European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative, Data providers for the CCI data include DTU-Space and GEUS (Denmark), ENVEO (Austria), Nansen Centre for Environmental Research and S&T (Norway). Data can be downloaded, along with requested citations for use of data, at

For details of the project, and list of all partners, see For questions on web downloads contact Arnoud Jochemsen, S&T Norway,