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New Data Products available

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The Greenland_Ice_Sheet_cci project has released new Greenland Data Products. The new products are:

Surface Elevation Change based CryoSat-2 (2-year and 4-year means); 
Ice Velocity Greenland-wide map based on Sentinel-1 data (2014-2016) and RADARSAT-2 data (2013-2014), and 9 major ice streams updated with Sentinel-1 data; 
Gravimetric Mass Balance based on GRACE (2002-present), both for Greenland as a whole and for 8 main drainage basins; and 
Calving Front Locations and Grounding Line Locations updated data for Greenland Glaciers.

Brief instructions for downloading the Data Products:

  • Click on the Data Products under the Direct Link  heading on your left side or go directly to the data product websiste;
  • Detailed instructions on registration and maneuvering within the data products websiste are found in the ”Product User Guide”; Click on the Product User Guide under the Direct Link heading located just below the Data Products link.

The data sets are provided as part of the European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative, For details of the project, and list of all partners, see For questions on web downloads contact Arnoud Jochemsen, S&T Norway,