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Newsletter Issue 6

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The Greenland_Ice_Sheet_cci project is happy to announce the release of Newsletter Issue 6.  This issue provides commentary and images of the newly released data products for the GIS_cci ECV parameters Surface Elevation Change, Ice Velocity, Grounding Line Location, and the new phase two parameter Gravimetry Mass Balance. A presentation is also given of the ongoing Optical Ice Velocity processing including a comparison with with our existiting SAR-based Ice Velocity product in the Jakobshavn Glacier area.

Gravimetry Mass Balance: In phase two of the GIS_cci project, the following products are provided: basin-wide time series of mass changes obtained from the GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment) satellite mission for the period 2002 – present, and a time series for the entire Greenland Ice Sheet. In addition, users can find five-year running means of mass changes for nine time periods from 2003 until 2015 (to aid in comparison with exiting 5-year running means of SEC).