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New Data Products available

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The Greenland_Ice_Sheet_cci project has released new Greenland Data Products. The new products are:

Surface Elevation Change CryoSat elevation change trends 2010-16 on a 5 km grid (2-year and 5-year running means);
Ice Velocities for the entire Greenland ice sheet from Sentinel-1, extended with winter 2016/17 data;
Time series of Ice Velocities for major outlet glaciers updated to 2017 with Sentinel-1 data, and backwards to 1991 with ERS-1/2 and Envisat data, increasing the time span to 25 years. We have also derived supplementary velocity data for the summer of 2016 from Sentinel-2 optical feature tracking (NEW);
Updated Calving Front Locations for major outlet glaciers from Sentinel-1 and Landsat 8;
Gravimetric Mass Balance GRACE mass change products for the entire ice sheet as well as 8 main drainage basins updated.

Brief instructions for downloading the Data Products:

  • Click on either of the above links to the ECV description pages
  • Click the link “Click here to browse and download products” on the chosen ECV description page. This will lead to a product listing on the Greenland CCI Product Data Portal;
  • Find and click on the desired product in the list. This brings you to a page with details about the product
  • Click the link next to Product file on the product details page. This will download the product data file. The first time you will be requested to submit your name and affiliation for our (internal) site usage statistics
  • Detailed instructions on maneuvering within the product data website and within the product data files themselves are found in the “Product User Guide” (link in Navigation on the left)

The data sets are provided as part of the European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative, For questions on this website or products downloads contact Andreas Thorvaldsen, S&T Norway,