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Release of new and updated data products from Greenland_Ice_Sheet_cci November 2017

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Dear colleagues from the PI

The ESA Greenland Climate Change Initiative project has released a new, updated set of Essential Climate Variables for the Greenland ice sheet on the site


- Historical ice velocities for 7 major outlet glaciers for ERS and EnviSat, providing a time history of ice stream velocities since 1991.


- A first surface elevation change grid product from the French/Indian SARAL/AltiKa altimetry mission (Ka band radar, 36 GHz), along with a corresponding CryoSat product (Ku band, 13 GHz), allowing easy comparison on possible radar firn penetration effects.


- GRACE mass change products for the entire ice sheet as well as 8 main drainage basins updated until June 2017.


- Updated whole Greenland map on ice velocity.


The data are open, and are available in netCDF, supplemented with ASCII/shapefile formats, upon a simple registration procedure. A newsletter and further information on products can be found at the Greenland CCI web site


The ESA CCI project is a cooperation of 9 different European partners, with current data updates provided by GEUS (Denmark), DTU Space (Denmark), and NERSC (Norway)


For questions or further information on data contact or For web/download issues contact


The ESA Greenland CCI team, Dec 4, 2017


Rene Forsberg, Geodynamics Dept. 
National Space Institute (DTU-Space)
DTU Bldg 327, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark
- tel +45-4525-9719 - fax +45-4525-9575