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Release of new and updated data products from Greenland_Ice_Sheet_cci May 2018

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The GIS_cci project is happy to announce the release of new and updated data products, as follows:

New IV product from DTU; Timeseries of Jakobshavn Ice Velocity 2012-2014 using 4-day COSMO-SkyMed offset-tracking pairs

New SEC product from DTU; Greenland SEC grids from Cryosat-2. 2-yr and 5-yr means for 2011-2017

Updated GMB product from TUDr; GMB products for the Greenland Ice Sheet derived from GRACE satellite gravimetry data by TU Dresden.

The data are open, and are available in netCDF, supplemented with ASCII/shapefile formats, upon a simple registration procedure. Access to the data products are via this site - click on "Products" under the Resources fane - and click on "click here to browse and download" which brings you to our project data products website.


The ESA CCI project is a cooperation of 9 different European partners, with current data updates provided by GEUS (Denmark), DTU Space (Denmark), and NERSC (Norway)


For questions or further information on data contact or

For web/download issues contact