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Project plan

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CCI Ice Sheets Deliverables 2nd Year April 2016 to April 2017


Date Deliverable
07-2016 User Requirements Document (URD)
07-2016 Data Access Requirements Document (DARD)
07-2016 Product Specification Document (PSD)
07-2016 Algorithm Theoretical basis Document (ATBD)
07-2016 Comprehensive Error Characterization Report (CECR)
10-2016 System Specification Document (SSD)
10-2016 System Verification Report (SVR)
10-2016 Product User Guide (PUG)  
04-2017 Climate Research Data Package (CRDP)
04-2017 Product Validation and Inter-comparison Report (PVIR)
04-2017 Climate Assessment Report (CAR)